Saturday, July 15, 2017
By Heba Salama Photography
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How's this for a crazy connection:  The bride's stepfather is my uncle (who lives in FL), and I used to babysit the groom in Raleigh (while his dad was a coach at NCSU), because I recruited the groom's sister into the College of Textiles.  Did you follow?  Don't worry- all you really need to know is this gorgeous, funny & very-much-in-love couple had an awesome team of vendors at their July 1, wedding at the Merrimon Wynne in Raleigh. While it was rather warm, the fun continued all night long!



Lynn Scott {Happily Ever After}

Merrimon Wynne

Kayelily Middleton {officiant}

Ninth Street Ramblers

Bunn DJ Company

Donovan's Dish

Brides & Bouquets

Jason Jennings Video

Mama Bird's Cookies & Ice Cream

CE Rental

Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Tiffany Weaver {Hair & Makeup for bridal party}


Friday, July 07, 2017
By Heba Salama Photography
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I am constantly aware of the honor that I hold in my career.  Being there to photograph special moments in time, that will live on forever as a legacy.  Weddings, the birth of a new family, the death of a loved one, triumph over sickness, all are precious.  When I heard that there was a young mother in my neighborhood who had been diagnosed with cancer, I dug a little more to learn about the family.  Soon I learned there were 3 beautiful, young daughters.  Something kept telling me to touch base with the family.  I was cleaning out the restaurant one afternoon, and came across a stack of Beautycounter business cards- the name on them:  Sarah Olson Rogers.  She was the mother I had heard about- surely it was the universe telling me to reach out.  After a few messages, Sarah accepted my offer to come and photograph her family.  Thought she felt the need to thank or repay me somehow, I explained that this was just one things I felt called to do.  I have never once regretted the time spent giving this kind of gift to a family.  My hope was that they would have these images to reflect on when Sarah was healed and had beaten the cancer.  A few weeks back, I returned again, to take more photos of Sarah, her husband Mehrtash, and their three girls, this time snuggled in her bedside at hospice.  I managed to get a few smiles and giggles out of the bunch, even though it was unfortunately nearing the end.  Sarah was such a beautiful and calm woman, and graceful even in her pain.  I wish I had known them longer, but I am grateful that from one mother to another, her girls and husband will have these images forever.  Rest well, Sarah.